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Nsatusile Mgode

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Nsatusile is a Zambian Lawyer currently working as a Tax/Legal Consultant at EY. Nsatusile has vast experience in Corporate and Commercial Law, International Business Law, Corporate Governance, Tax Advisory and Business Structuring Advisory. She also has a strong background in Human Rights and Disability Rights Law.
Nsatusile is currently a Zambian Ambassador for the Lawyers for Economic Advancement and Development (The Lex: LEAD Group) and a graduate diplomat from the Zambia Institute of Diplomacy and International Studies (ZIDIS).

Nsatusile is very passionate about Human Rights, Social Justice, Conflict Resolution and Corporate Social Responsibility which she actively engages in at her place of work. From as far back as University days, Nsatusile has been actively engaged in volunteering for various Non-governmental Organisations and spearheading conversations and legal campaigns through a Legal Programme on the University Radio station which she would organise. Nsatusile is also passionate about reading, public speaking and creative writing with a bias for poetry and blogging. She is an active member of an African blogging community called Afrobloggers.