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One Dream at a Time: Steven’s Story

One Dream at a Time We all face challenges that can make it difficult to achieve our dreams. But, for some, these challenges can be even greater due to their socioeconomic background. Meet Steven Sitwala, a 15-year-old boy from Dambwa North in Livingstone, who faces many challenges but refuses to let them stop him from…

Environmental Action: Empowering Children

Being environmentally aware means understanding the consequences of human actions on the natural world and taking steps to protect it. In December 2022, the ‘Readers are Leaders’ project held its first event focusing on environmental awareness and climate action. Over the course of the 1-year project, the children in the reading groups will participate in…

Tackling HIV/AIDS Through Football

Of the nearly 2 million adolescents living with HIV around the world, over 60% are girls and young women ages 10-24 and 80% live in sub-Saharan Africa. These young people not only face the complexities of navigating the transition into adult-life, but they must also manage a chronic disease as they do so. In addition,…

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