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Latest from the Blog

National Olympic Day Celebrations in Livingstone

This year, the National Olympic Committee of Zambia partnered with Play it Forward and Response Network to host the Olympic Day celebrations on the 25th of June 2022 in Livingstone. Sport’s unique power to build bridges and bring people together, which is evident during each edition of the Olympic Games, is being celebrated this year […]

Digital Skills Inclusion

After many months of planning, we are finally here. The Digital Skills Professional Development project was officially launched last week with all 10 participants eagerly anticipating the process of becoming the new digital entrepreneurs of Livingstone. This new project will run for a period of one year, with many exciting, educational and inspirational activities lined […]

Emmanuel off to university

Emmanuel is off to University!

For most, university isn’t even an option. It’s difficult to imagine going to university when no one around you has been. Although Zambia has made commendable progress in increasing access to education, more than 250,000 children are still out of school. And for those lucky enough to go to school, only 4% will go on […]

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