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Stories of Empowering Women and Girls during COVID-19

In the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, Play it Forward Zambia has continued to provide support to the most vulnerable members of society through the provision of COVID-19 prevention materials such as face masks, soap and hand washing stations. Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020, a lot of people in Zambia […]

Village Banking Security Box in Livingstone Zambia

How Village Savings Groups are Transforming the Life of Women in Zambia

“We used to have three meals every day and we didn’t have any problems at all sending our children to school. My late husband used to have a well-paid job and things went smoothly”, Rosemary Chanda narrated. Everything changed after the death of her husband in 2017 who tragically died in a road accident, a […]

Play it Forward Football Player Boy's Team

Emmanuel’s Story

Emmanuel Mushekwa was born in Dambwa, a small but crowded suburb of Livingstone bustling with life. He was raised here single-handedly by his mum, as his Dad, who he never knew, left the family when he was very young. Like most families who reside in this area, life wasn’t easy and most of Emmanuel’s time […]

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